Monterey Bay Weight Loss and Medical

LOSE 5-10 lbs this week, and 15-20 this month.  * resulst are typical, but not guaranteed

Monterey Bay Weight Loss and Medical has been the premier weight loss program in the Monterey Peninsula for over eight years. We have treated over 7,000 men, women and teens.

Our physician, Richard H. German, M.D., FACS is a member of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians and is personally involved in the success of each of our patients.

Our experience will help guide you through the weight loss process and our new weight maintenance program will help you to keep it off.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Program for Men and Women is the key to well being for men and women over age 50.  Our precise methodology succesfully treats a range of conditions in women and men suffering from menopause and andropause.

Weight Loss
Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy for Men and Women
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